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Q. How much does it cost to place an ad?
A. All ads are FREE! There is no charge to place an ad on All that we ask in return is that you support our sponsors and tell your friends about us!
Q. How do I delete an ad?
A. Ads are automatically deleted after 90 days so there is no need for you to delete them. If you want to let everyone know that your item has been sold, you can log in and mark them as sold and this will remove your contact information from the ad and display the ad as a sold item. See how to edit an ad below. You can request an ad to be deleted by emailing, provide us with the web address (URL) to the ad. The request must come from the same email address that was used to place the ad.
Q. How do I edit an ad?
A. To edit an ad you've already placed, you must register with the same email address that you referenced on the ad you placed. Log in and then navigate to your ad in edit mode. You will see an option to mark ad as "SOLD". Click her to register now, then login to your account to edit your ads.
Q. How long will my ad run?
A. Ads are typically removed automatically after 90 days except for garage sales wich are deleted after 60 days after the sale date.
Q. How do I edit an ad if I did not register before placing the ad first?
A. You can register before or after placing the ad and as long as the ad you want to edit was placed using the same email address that you registered with.
Q. Why does location information appear at the bottom of my ad and why does it not match the location I submitted from?
A. As part of our comprehensive anti-fraud system you will see an secondary set of location information at the bottom of each ad which displays our best guess at the advertisers geographic location no matter what they entered when they posted the ad. We highly recommend that you should only contact advertisers whose location is fairly close to the location at the top of the ad. The matching is often accurate but can be off due to various internet providers and the distance from the user and in some cases mobile internet connection can be off as much as a state. They don't have to be exact matches, just make sure they are close.
Q. Why has my ad been deleted before the stated 90 days?
A. If your ad has been deleted before our normal expiration period it is most likely because it has been reviewed by one of our editors and marked as a duplicate or not meeting our "TRASH FREE" standards or violated one of our terms of service. You can read the section below regarding what types of ads are acceptable.
Q. Why has my ad been blocked?
A. Our site is about quaility, not quantity. We strive to provide our visitors with the best possible experience. If your ad has been blocked it is because one of our moderators or automated system has found a reason to block it. Ads may be blocked for various reasons, many of which you will find mentioned later on this page. For obvious reasons, we do not discuss the details of how our system works or what exactly it looks for. If you feel your ad has been unfairly blocked you can send an e-mail to and request a review of your ad. Before emailing please read the next section.
Q. What types of ads are not acceptable?
A. The following types of ads are not acceptable and may result in an advertiser being banned and or IP addresses being blocked.
Q. What types of items are not allowed or illegal to sell online?
A. Each country, state and even city may have their own laws and regulations regarding the sale of items. It is your responsibiltiy as an advertiser to know this. Below is some information to assist you.

Partial list of items for sale and services the advertisement of which is not permitted on

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Safety Tips

These Basic rules will help you avoid being ripped off:

  1. Do not sell your car or other high priced item to someone that wants to buy without seeing it!
  2. Do not accept overpayment!
  3. Do not arrange shipping - they want it let them sort it!
  4. Do not sell to someone from overseas!
  5. Watch out for pet adoption scams and capuchin monkeys for sale. Most common dog fraud ads are Teacup Yorkies, Blue eyed Huskies.
  6. Learn about nigerian 419 scams - they show in many variations see google
  7. If it seems too good to be true .... IT IS!!
  8. If you get a reply which seems similar to this...simply DELETE IT, DO NOT RESPOND!

Overpayment Cheque Scam

People selling high-ticket items such as cars, motorcycles or computer gear via the Internet should be aware of a cheque scam that is bilking victims out of thousands of dollars. Although the scam has been around for quite some time, recent trends indicate that it is netting an increasing amount of victims, especially among car owners looking to sell their vehicles.

    Typically, an overpayment cheque scam works like this:
  • A seller places an Internet advertisement for a car or other item with a high price tag.
  • Later, the seller receives a generous offer for the item, usually via an email.
  • The seller agrees on the price, and, often, also agrees to the proviso that he or she refuses any other offers for the item.
  • The scammers then send a cheque for the item. However, the cheque is for substantially more than the specified amount.
  • The scammers invent some excuse for this overpayment and ask that the balance be electronically transferred to a specified bank account. For example, they may claim that the extra funds are to pay the fees of an agent who is handling the sale or to cover shipping costs.
  • The seller dutifully transfers the amount out of his or her own funds.
  • Later, the seller finds that his or her bank has dishonoured the cheque. In some cases, the bank may actually have cleared the funds, but discovers later that the check is a forgery or was stolen.
  • Thus the seller has been bilked out of a substantial amount, with little chance of recovering the money. Furthermore, the item remains unsold and the seller may have rejected legitimate offers in the mean time.

The supposed buyers usually originate out of West African nations such as Nigeria. In fact, it is probable that the same gang of con-artists that run Nigerian loan scams and international lottery scams are responsible for the overpayment cheque scam as well. Like the Nigerian scam, the intent is to draw the potential victim deeper into the scam via a series of emails.

To protect yourself against this sort of scam, never agee to a deal in which the payer wishes to issue an amount for more than the agreed price and expects you to reimburse the balance. The scammers use a variety of excuses to explain the overpayment, but any such excuse should be treated with the utmost suspicion.


thanks for the quick response am okay with price,and because am far away from united states so don't worry about the shipment i have shipping agent that carter for my pick up any where in the world. i will instruct my client to send you a cashier's cheque of (5000) so what you have to do immediatley the check gets to you just deduct the funds for the puppies($500) and send the excess money ($4500) to my shipping agent so that they can be able to pick the puppies up from your destination and which will also covers the shipping fees of my other consignments in the state. so if this is okay by you, you can forward your full name, address and cell phone number. expecting your response back.

Thanks for your mail,I am really interested in the (plymouth),Fine i will pay $200 for it,Please i will want to indicate my mode of payment to you since i am not in the United States at the moment and there is a Company in the United States that is indebted to me in the amount of $3,500,So i will want to really seek your Assistance at this point,That i will want you to forward to me the the following informations below that i will need to forward to the Company indebted to me so that they can make out the payment directly to you and after you have cashed it in your bank,You will have the excess amount on the payment sent to my International Shipping agent via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER ,All charges you are to pay at the western union office when sending the excess amount of $3,300 should be deducted from my balance,So you don't have to bother yourself about that, The reason for this is that,The Company indebted to me say they cannot make out the payment in two installment except once, And since i am purchasing your (plymouth) from you at this time,I will want to really be sure that my funds will be safe in your hands as i will want to entrust my money unto your care,So inorder for us to complete the purchase of the (plymouth) now,I will want you to get back to me with the following informations inorder for me to forward it to the Company indebted to me inorder for them to make out the payment in your name and send it to you ithout any furtherdelay,

The following informations that i will require from you are as follows,
Upon receipt of this informations i have just requested from you,I will immediately forward it to the Company indebted to me to make out the payment in your name and send it to you immediately,I will be awaiting your response as soon as you get this mail,Do confirm this mail and get back to me as soon as possible.


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